Mary R. Morgan

Executive Producer

Mary R. Morgan is a psychotherapist, teacher, author, activist, and philanthropist who is founder and president of the Cornerstone Campaign. She has been active in the fields of equal opportunity and equal rights, environmental preservation, safe energy and a sustainable food system. In her work as a psychotherapist and author, she has specialized in the field of bereavement and twins, an interest that emerged from her loss of her own twin. Her book When Grief Calls Forth The Healing (2014) was praised by Ann Belford Ulanov, professor at Union Theological Seminary and author of The Unshuttered Heart: “For anyone who has loved another deeply and lost them to death, this book is a boon. It reaches deep into the psyche and illuminates the soul.” More here.

Andrew Kimbrell

Executive Producer / Writer

Andrew Kimbrell is an internationally recognized public interest attorney, public speaker, and author. A leading proponent of regenerative forms of agriculture and organic policies, Kimbrell is the editor of the book Fatal Harvest, The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture and the author of Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food. Kimbrell’s articles and editorials have appeared in The New York Times, Harpers, USA Today, and other outlets. Kimbrell is also a featured expert in A DANGEROUS IDEA.

Stephanie Welch

Director / Producer / Writer

Stephanie Welch is a documentarian and executive director of Paragon Media, a nonprofit media organization that is the co-producer of A DANGEROUS IDEA. Welch is also the senior producer of the award-winning syndicated program Bioneers Radio: Revolution from the Heart of Nature, She co-produced the radio documentary Biowars: First Do No Harm, which won a NFCB Silver Reel Award. Welch is also audio engineer for Women Rising Radio.

Jed Riffe

Producer / Post-production Supervisor / Distribution Consultant

An award-winning film director, interactive producer and transmedia storyteller, Jed Riffe has produced 11 nationally broadcast public television specials, including the series California and the American Dream. Riffe is best known as the director of Ishi, the Last Yahi, Who Owns the Past?California’s “Lost” Tribes, and the first documentary on the medical marijuana movement Waiting to Inhale: Marijuana, Medicine and the Law.  Most recently Riffe executive produced A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone, broadcast on America Reframed.  Riffe is a 2009 Sundance Institute Documentary Fund Fellow/Alumnus. He was awarded a Gerbode Fellowship for excellence in nonprofit management in 2001. More here.

Maureen Gosling


A documentary filmmaker and editor, Maureen Gosling is best known for her longtime collaboration with independent director, Les Blank (Burden of Dreams, Always for Pleasure). She directed and edited, with Chris Simon, the feature documentary, This Ain’t No Mouse Music. She has previously worked as an editor on several of Jed Riffe’s award-winning films, as well as for directors Tom Weidlinger, Abby Ginzberg, Ashley James and Amie Williams. Her films have been seen in countless film festivals around the world, on national public and cable television, on television in Europe, Australia and Asia, and have been distributed widely to educational institutions. More here.

Sara Maamouri


Sara Maamouri is a documentary filmmaker and editor who has explored a diverse range of topics for over 14 years that has touched on social, educational and political issues. She co-produced and edited A Revolution in Four Seasons, which premiered at Hot Docs 2016 and won an honorable mention at the Margaret Mead Film Festival (2017). She edited Twice Upon A Time, which premiered at Edinburgh Film Festival and won Best Documentary at the Lebanese Film Festival. She’s currently editing and co-producing The Judge, directed by Erika Cohn, the story of the first female Shari’a judge in Palestine.

Bertram Verhaag

Consulting Producer & Additional Direction

Bertram Verhaag has been making documentaries on political, environmental and social issues. through his own company, DENKmal-Film for over 30 years. In addition to 14 international awards, one of his best-known films—Blue Eyed, about American teacher and anti-racism activist Jane Elliott—earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary. Over the last ten years, Bertram Verhaag has made nine films exploring aspects of genetic engineering. Life Running Out of Control is considered a go-to work on GMOs. Scientists Under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money is a documentary thriller on genetic engineering and the independence of science.

Ann Skinner-Jones

Creative Director / Associate Producer

Ann Skinner-Jones is the producer and director of award-winning videos for the educational market including The Great Divide on LGBT rights and You Like Totally Have to Talk About It on young people and AIDS. Her film work deals with creatively managing intractable and polarized issues. She holds an MFA from the Art Institute in San Francisco and an MA in Art Education from the University of New Mexico.