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Ralph Nader

An effective dissection of the genetic determinist worldview, rising again in new garb and aided by the Trump Administration. This documentary provides a timely rebuttal to those who continue to embrace this dogma, and offers a critique that both Liberals and Conservatives can readily converge behind.


Ralph Nader, Political Activist, Author, Lecturer, and Attorney

Barbara Katz Rothman

Yes, this is a dangerous idea–and if you want to better understand why, watch this film and see the history, development and presentation of this idea that there is a book of life, a program that determines, from the moment of conception, all that we are and can be. It is indeed one of the more dangerous ideas humans have come up with.


Barbara Katz Rothman, Professor of Sociology, City University of New York

Robert Reich

A DANGEROUS IDEA is extremely timely because with the current administration we are seeing a renewed threat of a biologically determined politics.


Robert Reich, Author and former U.S. Secretary of Labor